Princess Anne Revealed What She Thinks Of Charles Being King

Princess Anne has long been one of the most private members of the royal family. But now that Charles is King, Anne has been thrust into the spotlight once again to give her thoughts on her older brother finally fulfilling his destiny. Interestingly, her role within the monarchy may change now that Charles has been crowned, and her recent comments shed light on how she really feels about her future in the royal family.

Close siblings

It's common knowledge that Charles and his sister have always been very different people, with wildly differing personalities, but they’ve also always been close. There is a ten year age gap between Anne and Prince Andrew, and a 12 year gap between Anne and Prince Edward. So Charles and Anne always seemed like a pair, as there was only two years between them.

Contrasting personalities

Mabel Anderson, a royal nanny, once said Charles was “never as boisterous or noisy as Princess Anne” as a boy, and that Anne had a “much stronger, more extrovert personality.” Anderson claimed, “She didn’t exactly push him aside, but she was certainly a more forceful child.” Indeed, it’s been theorized that Anne was happy to push the limits of what a royal was allowed to do, while Charles was burdened by what his future held.

They fought like cats and dogs

Anne once admitted to royal writer Nicholas Courtney that she and Charles “fought like cats and dogs” while growing up. There were even reports that she had boxing gloves taken away from her because she was enjoying beating up her big brother too much! However, Courtney cautioned, “Such discord cannot have been as bad she remembers it, as they spent all their time together, at least when Charles was not in the schoolroom.”

Gardening brought them together

Charmingly, one of the ways the siblings bonded was by gardening. In 2021 Charles told BBC Radio 4, “My sister and I had a little vegetable patch in the back of some border somewhere. We had great fun trying to grow tomatoes rather unsuccessfully and things like that.” He added, “There was a wonderful head gardener at Buckingham Palace…He was splendid, and helped us a bit, my sister and I, with the little garden we had.”