Adorable Photos Of British Royals From Back When They Were Kids

Imagine if the whole world had seen your baby pictures? Well, that’s almost always the case when you’re a member of the royal family. Luckily, these aren’t the embarrassing kind: they’re just cute ones! And a lot of them are shots of royal kids being refreshingly normal. Take a look and marvel at how quickly time has gone by. Would you be able to recognize each of them?

Queen Elizabeth II as a toddler

This is a shot of the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1929 when she was just three years old. At this point in her life, no-one had the slightest idea she would become ruler of the United Kingdom one day. Her father wasn’t expected to ascend the throne, after all. But then his brother King Edward VIII abdicated, her dad became monarch, and Elizabeth was suddenly heir presumptive. The rest is history.

Elizabeth as a child

Elizabeth’s early years consisted of traditional royal education and activities. She didn’t go to a mainstream school the way some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren ended up doing; instead she was taught by private tutors at the royal residences. But she was able to do some regular-kid things sometimes as well. This photo from 1933 shows her happily riding her tricycle.

Prince Philip as a baby

This cute little baby is in fact Prince Philip, later the husband of Elizabeth. His early childhood by all accounts wasn’t great, because it was a very difficult time for the Greek royal family: his parents barely saw him. But, as we know, he led a very long life and witnessed many of the 20th century’s most iconic events.

Philip as a child

Here’s Philip at the age of nine, dressed in a traditional Greek outfit. Unfortunately it was around this time that his childhood got even harder. His mother Princess Alice suddenly vanished from his life, having gone to a sanatorium after a nervous breakdown. With all his older sisters married he was alone in the world, and he would continue to be until he met and married Elizabeth.