Camilla’s Son Defends His Mother After Harry’s Claims In Memoir

When Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, was unleashed upon the world, royalists were stunned by the shocking revelations it contained. Harry, Duke of Sussex pointed an accusing finger at many people in his life, with one of the targets being Queen Consort Camilla, his stepmother. His words didn’t sit well with one person close to the family, though: Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles, wasn’t inclined to take his stepbrother’s comments lying down.

King Charles III and Camilla

Camilla first began dating King Charles III in 1970 back when he was the Prince of Wales. But in 1973 the relationship broke up; she married Andrew Parker Bowles the same year. Their children Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes followed, but Charles came back into the picture in 1987 when he and Camilla began a torrid affair. Both Camilla and Charles would be divorced by 1996 though; in 1999 they made their first public appearance. It had been quite the journey for the couple.

The Other Woman

Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005 — some 35 years after they first fell in love — was a very big deal for Britain. You see, at the time her reputation in the press was rocky to say the least, as she had mostly been dubbed the “Other Woman” in Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana. After all, Diana had infamously said, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” during a 1995 Panorama TV interview.

How did it affect Tom and Laura?

Over the years, much was made about how the affair and subsequent marriage had affected Diana and Charles’ children, Prince William and Harry. But how was it for Tom and Laura, who grew up with a less-than-ideal association with the royal family? One that resulted in the public vilification of their mother, and then became a more concrete connection when she married into the institution? Surely that can’t have been easy for them?

Tom opens up about growing up in royal infamy

Well, in 2006 Tom gave a rare interview in which he spoke at length about growing up royal-adjacent. For many years, the media presented him and his sister’s childhoods as being completely upended by their mother, who was cast as the “homewrecker” in Charles and Diana’s relationship. In fact, it was even implied that their lives had been ruined because their surname became infamous. Yet Tom totally rejected this notion.