Comparing Kate And Meghan’s Unique Parenting Styles

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are both fascinating women who know a thing or two about parenting in the public eye. As mothers and public figures, they are constantly analyzed, compared, and contrasted, especially since the rift that so publicly divided their husbands. As we know, Kate and Meghan are two very different women with very different lifestyles, but they also share a surprising amount in common. Do their approaches to parenting show their stark differences? Or is there more that unites the two royal mothers than we thought?

Kate’s children are often seen in public

Part of being a royal is putting yourself out there for your adoring public. With such a prominent place in the royal family, it’s not surprising that Kate often takes Prince George — who is, after all, an heir to the throne — and his younger siblings with her for public engagements.

For example, all three kids attended the coronation of their grandfather King Charles III in May 2023. George even had a part in the ceremony, making him the youngest future King to ever have been granted this honor.

Meghan’s children have private lives

Meanwhile, the lives of Meghan and Prince Harry’s children are kept so quiet that many people might not even know for sure what Princess Lilibet, born after her parents stepped down as working royals, actually looks like. And Meghan seems happy to keep it that way.

The Sussex children didn’t attend Charles’ coronation. Their father, Harry, made an appearance for a little while before flying back to Los Angeles to spend time with Prince Archie, whose fourth birthday happened to be on the same day as the coronation.

Kate and William chose rich, but not famous, godparents

Traditionally, royals don’t just get a couple of godparents; they get a whole group of them! George has seven, Princess Charlotte has five, and Prince Louis has six. The thinking behind this seems to be that royals need a lot of guidance to get them to adulthood feeling prepared for their responsibilities, so the more adults in their orbit the better.

Yet you probably won’t have heard of most of the Cambridge godparents, apart from William, Prince of Wales’ cousin Zara Tindall. Most of them are non-royal friends of both William’s and Kate’s families.

The Sussexes chose at least one famous godparent

Harry and Meghan broke with tradition when it came to naming godparents to Archie, their child who was born before they stepped back as working royals. Unlike his cousins, the young prince only has three godparents, and all of them close friends.

Since Lilibet was born after the Sussexes cut ties, her parents perhaps didn’t feel the need to adhere to any royal protocol there. So, Lili’s godfather is American actor Tyler Perry, who befriended Harry and Meghan after they came to America. And there are rumors that she might have other famous godparents, too.