40 Coca-Cola Hacks That Sound Insane But Are Actually Genius

You’re not alone in loving a cool glass of Coca-Cola, as – believe it or not – more than two billion helpings of the stuff are snapped up every single day. That’s a pretty big number! But a few of those Cokes may not be for drinking. You see, the beloved soda can help you in your home, your garden and even your beauty routine. So, let us tell you what happens when you pour Coke on your plants. You may even like the result...

40. Prevent cocktails from watering down

Serving a cocktail on the rocks is great – until the ice starts to melt and waters down your drink, of course. But don’t shell out for any of those reusable metal cubes when there’s a more affordable solution. Simply pour Coca-Cola into an ice tray, freeze it then add the cola cubes to your beverage of choice. As they melt, they’ll just add Coke flavor – although this may not be all that pleasant when you’re sipping on orange juice!

39. Separate egg yolks and whites

Have an empty plastic Coke bottle to hand? If so, you can use it to help you separate egg yolks and whites in a flash. First, cut the neck off the bottle, then use a razor to carve a hole into the bottle cap. Got that? Good. Once you’ve created the hole, place the detached neck cap-side down into the lower half of the bottle. All you need to do after that is to crack your egg through the funnel. That way, the white will slide through the lid opening, while the yolk will stay intact on top.

38. Help grass grow greener

Some people avoid drinking Coca-Cola because of its sugar content. But even if you’re among that group, you should know there’s one living thing that will appreciate all that sweetness: your lawn. Apparently, pouring the soda over your grass can make it grow thicker and greener, as it feeds off the sugar. Winning!

37. Unblock your drain

Harness the fizzy power of Coca-Cola to help you unclog a stubborn drain. All you have to do is pour the soda down the sink in question. Two cans should do the trick. Then let the liquid sit for a half-hour before pouring a pot of boiling water down the same pipe. And after five more minutes, the soda-hot water combination should have pushed out the offending debris, allowing your drain to work properly again.