20 DIY Hacks To Help Keep Fleas, Ants And Roaches Away From Your Home This Summer

For many of us, summer means vacations, beaches and frozen treats. But the warm weather often has one annoying side effect: lots and lots of bugs. And this bother becomes even worse when creepy-crawlies infiltrate our homes. So, if you have ants, roaches or fleas in your abode this summer and beyond, try these surprising DIY hacks to get rid of them.

20. Dishwash away your fleas

Unfortunately, you can’t just turn on the dishwasher and rid your home of insects. However, you can use your go-to dish soap to tackle a household flea infestation. And so after a patch test ensures that they’re not sensitive to the formula, your dog or cat can be scrubbed down with an all-natural detergent to get rid of any hidden pests.

You can also find a small bowl or plate and put a candle or other light source at its center. Then pour detergent- or dishwashing liquid-laden water around the light. Fleas can’t help but travel towards this set-up, although ultimately they’ll get trapped in the bubbly water you’ve poured. And you should repeat this process for a week to ensure that every single flea is gone from your home.

19. Mix a sugary ant snack – with a secret ingredient

It’s no secret that ants love sweet things – as anyone who has ever had a picnic ruined by the insects will tell you. But you can use this fact to your advantage in order to remove ants from your home. All you need to do to do is mix three parts powdered sugar with one part borax and place it wherever you’ve seen the critters.

The ants won’t die in your home after eating the borax-laden snack, either. Instead, they carry their sugary bounty back to the nest – and there they may kill off the entire colony. You can also try using a touch of honey on a dish as another sweet ant trap. Although the insects may climb into the nectar, they won’t be able to get themselves unstuck.