Glimpse Inside The Royal Family’s Lavish Homes To See How They Really Live

Sure, there might be downsides to being a royal — just ask Prince Harry — but consider how and where they get to live. Royals have access to a multitude of huge homes with countless luxurious trappings, the sort of places most normal people would be afraid to even sneeze in. Let’s take a look at the modern-day royal palaces and mansions and dream about what it must be like to live in one of them.

Where do Kate and William live?

Prince William will be King one day, so you’d better believe he and his family live in a nice house. Wrong! They live in two nice houses. One residence, the one nearer to the royal childrens’ school, is Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. The other one is an actual palace: Kensington Palace in London. It has a lot of royal history attached to it.

The Sunken Garden

One of the palace’s features that must be very important to William now is the Sunken Garden. This was one of the favorite places of his late mother, Princess Diana: as of 2021 it holds a statue of her as well as a variety of her favorite flowers. It’s open to the public, so fans of the late princess can go and remember her there if they wish.

The Kensington Gardens

The Diana statue isn’t the only thing people can visit in the Kensington Palace Gardens, which actually spans 270 acres. Monarchs have added their own bits to it as they’ve come and gone over the centuries. Perhaps Catherine, Princess of Wales — usually just Kate — her hubby William, or indeed another future King, Prince George will also leave their marks on it in the future?

Inside Kensington

What about inside the house itself? Obviously members of the public aren’t allowed to actually visit William and Kate’s home, but we know some details about what the royals have in there. Their part of the palace reportedly has four floors in all; it boasts no fewer than 20 rooms, including a gymnasium, five reception rooms, and two nurseries.