How Kate Middleton Really Felt When She First Met Prince William

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, gave us the wedding of the year, if not of the decade, and probably even of the 21st century. On the day, the groom stood there, dashing in red — the color of his officer’s uniform. He was soon joined by his beautiful bride, resplendent in her white Alexander McQueen gown. But underneath all the ostentatious attire and the jaw-dropping spectacle were just two young people in love. And who would have dreamed that such an era-defining romance would blossom from such an unpromising first encounter?

Young royals in love

William and Kate are now the parents of three children (two boys and a girl), and much has changed since their special day. Yet they remain, to outsiders at least, very much a couple in love, and seemingly unburdened by the scrutiny and attention that their public profile attracts. Certainly, they appear to be avoiding the pitfalls that William’s own parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, so famously suffered.

A world away from where they started

Of course, the royals lead incredibly busy lives, filled with engagements, charitable commitments, and not forgetting the daily duties that consume the lives of parents with young children. With three kids — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — no older than 10, it’s no doubt a hectic household for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The inauspicious beginning

Certainly, it is a far cry from the surroundings of the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where the couple first met back in 2001. Those were carefree days for William and Kate. Or at least as carefree as things can be when you are heir to the British throne or a young woman studying for a degree in art history in the presence of royalty.

The tell-all interview

But much has changed for the couple since the days when the pair found themselves as flatmates in Scotland. Just nine years later, for example, the couple announced their engagement. At the time, they gave an illuminating interview to ITV News’ Tom Bradby in which they talked about their relationship, the first time they met, and how William proposed. It was a huge moment for the pair.