Lady Amelia Windsor’s Cozy Apartment Is Far More Humble Than We’d Expect For A Royal

Lady Amelia Windsor may be a member of the British royal family, but her life isn’t quite as lavish as people might assume. The young woman, who is a cousin of Prince William and Harry, doesn’t live in a sprawling palace: instead, she lives in a cozy apartment in Notting Hill, London. Her place is small, minimalistic, and amazingly not that different from many other 20-something’s. Let’s take a look inside.

Who is Lady Amelia?

For those of you who don’t know Amelia’s place in the royal family, let’s clear that up. When it comes to the line of succession for the crown, she currently sits 42nd; Queen Elizabeth II’s passing bumped her up a spot. Her grandpa is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who is a first cousin of the late monarch.

Relation to William and Harry

So that makes Amelia a third cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry. While her life might be pretty different from her famous relatives, she does have a few things in common with them. For one thing, Lady Amelia shares their altruistic nature; like William and Harry, she’s involved with a number of charitable causes herself.

Charity work

Amelia has ties to non-profit organizations such as No More Plastic, the Blue Marine Foundation, and the Cross River Gorilla Project. In addition, she’s been involved with sustainable fashion outlet Fashion Roundtable as well. Mind you, the royal isn’t just focused on philanthropy. She also boasts a pretty sizable and active social media presence.

Modeling success

Lady Amelia has worked with the likes of Chaumet and Brora on Instagram, building up a following of roughly 103,000. Plus, she’s done a bit of modeling, too, picking up gigs via the Storm modeling agency. In other words, Amelia’s got plenty of irons in the fire. So you might be wondering what her current net worth is.