Candid Photos Capture King Charles’ Sweetest Moments With His Sons

One of the most-discussed subjects among royal fans is the relationship between King Charles III and his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a headline dissecting the love — or love lost — between them. Ultimately, despite the publication of Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the dynamic between these three powerful men. But looking back at photographs of their shared moments over the years can give us a fascinating insight into their relationships — the ups and the downs.

Breaking tradition

Charles always planned to be a more hands-on dad than his own father was. Prince Philip had been out doing his own thing when his kids were born, just as many royals had before him, but Charles wasn’t about to do the same thing. He was present in the hospital room when William came into the world, and then he set about learning how to parent the little baby.


When William was born, crowds outside the hospital were so enthused that they chanted, “Nice one Charlie, let’s have another one.” And another one very shortly came along. Harry was born in 1984; once again, Charles was present at the birth. In photographs from that time he looks very happy indeed to have two sons.

End of a marriage

Unfortunately, after Harry was born the relationship between Charles and Princess Diana fast deteriorated. The warring royal couple tried to jointly ensure their sons still had a good childhood, though. Charles attended the boys’ school plays, sent them handwritten notes, and generally just tried to be there for them more than his busy royal parents had been for him.


Charles and Diana soon settled into co-parenting, even though there was still a lot of bitterness between them. Charles was also angry at the constant media intrusion, saying in a 1994 documentary, “It’s not a matter for other people to decide how our children should be educated or brought up, but you can bet your bottom dollar, they will all interfere and they will all say, ‘It should have been done this way!’ That’s become a national pastime.”