The Strange Restroom Request That King Charles Makes To His Staff

While the British royal family may seem polished and perfect, keeping this impeccable public image intact means hiding a few secrets behind palace walls. But from time to time, we get to learn more about how the royals act when no one is looking. King Charles, for one, allegedly has a very unusual request of his staff — and it’s all to do with his time in the bathroom.

Not something we'd usually know

Yes, while the public does get to see the royals in action when they attend events, walk red carpets and make official visits to other countries, the family keep their personal routines strictly private. That is, of course, until a supposed inside source speaks to the press. And this is precisely what happened to Charles before he became king.

Above and beyond

You’re probably thinking, though, that Charles’ household staff would simply help him with the chores that the rest of us have to do. After all, you wouldn’t expect to see the king making his bed or loading the dishwasher. But, apparently, his team have much more responsibility than that. And one particular request is especially outlandish — even if it is on behalf of a king.

A full-on team

Of course, for many of us, morning routines don’t require help; we roll out of bed, brush our teeth and get dressed without a personal assistant. But Charles has a full cohort of staff ready to make his waking hours as pain-free as possible, and that’s precisely what they do.

The insider

So, who spoke out about Charles’ strange daily requirements? That individual was none other than Paul Burrell — a confidant of the future king’s ex-wife, Princess Diana. He once worked as her butler, meaning he had close ties to the royal family. And, naturally, this gives him a better idea than most of what happens behind closed doors.