What Happens To William And Harry Now That Charles Is King

Prince Charles has been the subject of a lot of gossip. And even though we’ll probably never know the truth behind all the rumors, one thing’s for certain. In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's passing, Charles will be coronated as the new king of England. It’s bound to be a period of great change and upheaval for Charles, his country, and, of course, his family. But where does that leave Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton?

Destined to be king

Well, for starters, William is now heir to the throne — a position with which Charles is all too familiar. You see, the Prince of Wales has been destined to be king ever since he entered the world in 1948. He’s the first-born of the late Queen and Prince Philip, which set him up nicely for the top job.

A smart bloke

And at least Charles is no intellectual slouch, which bodes well for his reign. He earned a degree at the prestigious University of Cambridge — although his royal connections may have helped him get that place, to begin with. On top of that, Charles also attended the U.K.’s Royal Air Force College and Royal Naval College. That could mean he’ll be an effective commander-in-chief.

A philanthropist

Long before William was even in the picture, Charles completed a tour of duty as part of the Royal Navy. And since then, he’s been heavily involved in charity work — most notably through The Prince’s Trust. The organization helps children and adults who are having a difficult time at school or who are unemployed. All good stuff, even if the Oprah interview has turned public opinion against Charles...

Charles' controversial romantic life

But none of those good deeds have drawn as much press attention as Charles’ private life. Royal fans will know about the long-storied past with Camilla Parker Bowles — one that apparently continued even during his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. And although Charles and Camilla are married now, they couldn’t have wed when they were younger. For starters, the heir’s nearest and dearest allegedly deemed Camilla to be an unsuitable bride.