Queen Elizabeth’s Childhood Governess Paid The Price For Betraying The Royal Family

Marion Crawford might not be the most recognizable name to fans of the royal family today, but make no mistake: she was an infamous figure in the past. As the governess to the future Queen Elizabeth II, Crawford would go on to create a scandal that could be considered the original royal skeleton in the closet. And it’s time to tell her story.

One slip-up

So what did Crawford do to cause such a furore, then? It must’ve been pretty bad, right? Well, her downfall ultimately came as a result of one slip-up. It was a big mistake, though, tying into the royal family’s strict need to keep their personal lives as private as possible. She seemingly betrayed that trust, and it cost her everything.

A seismic twist

But decades later, there was a huge twist to this tale. You see, a bunch of secret notes sent by the Queen Mother to Crawford finally came to light. And their contents challenged a lot of the pre-existing perceptions regarding the former governess. Did she really deserve to be vilified in the manner that she was all those years ago?

A quiet start to life

Given where her life started, it’s probably fair to say that Crawford never envisioned getting caught up in a future royal scandal! Growing up in Fife, Scotland, she went on to pursue a career as a teacher, which led her to the city of Edinburgh. Crawford was determined to make a difference there, yet her talents caught someone else’s attention.

Royal connection

During that spell, Crawford was sometimes employed by a lady who was actually the sister of the Duchess of York. We know her better today as the Queen Mother. She soon took an interest in the Scottish teacher, and eventually made her the most unexpected of offers. Yes, the royal opened the door for Crawford to become a private tutor, or governess, to her kids.