Rare Photos Of Diana, The People’s Princess

During her tragically short lifetime, Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the most-photographed women in the world. So many pictures were taken of her that even the most ardent, devoted fans probably haven’t seen them all. In this collection of lesser-known photographs, Diana is shown in unguarded moments, seemingly unaware someone was even clicking the shutter button. These extraordinary photos show with such clarity why she was known as “The People’s Princess.”

A normal job

Diana was born into wealth, true, but she actually led a fairly normal life before marrying the future King Charles III — then heir to the throne — and becoming the Princess of Wales. She had normal jobs, too. She was a dance instructor briefly, a nanny, and a nursery assistant.

Diana once worked with the children at the Young England School in Pimlico, London. That was her last job before she became a royal and didn’t have a normal full-time job any more. The nursery is still associated with her today.

Diana in New Zealand

Diana and Charles toured Australia and New Zealand in 1983. Diana was a mere 21 years old at the time. It was her first tour abroad, so the royal family and indeed the whole world was watching her with bated breath.

But the princess didn’t disappoint. She won over virtually every single person she met on the tour, because she was so friendly and personable. This picture of her and a 16-year-old Maori dancer neatly sums up the effect she had.

Surprised Diana

This picture was taken a few days before the Palace announced Diana’s engagement to Charles. So she wasn’t actually a member of the royal family yet… but she was still very much held to be fair game by the paparazzi.

Diana would have a complicated, fraught relationship with the press for the rest of her life. She was happy to have fame, but she also hated the lack of privacy. And of course, the paparazzi were chasing her car on that awful night when she died.

Diana’s first pregnancy

As soon as Diana was married to Charles, it was expected that she would provide him with an heir. And by November 1981 her first pregnancy was announced, but it certainly wasn’t smooth sailing from there.

In January 1982 Diana suffered such bad mental-health issues that she threw herself down a staircase. Luckily, both she and the unborn baby escaped serious injury. This photo was taken a few months after that incident; although Diana is smiling here, she may not have been as happy as she looks.