The Royal Family Reimagined In Epic Ways Using AI

The British royal family is one of the most fascinating institutions on the planet. Governed by strict rules, ancient traditions, and precise dress codes, their lives are totally unique. So that’s why these incredible AI-generated images are so fun. Queen Camilla as a Barbie? King Charles III in high fashion at the Met Gala? Prince Harry covered in tattoos? These dreamed-up scenarios involving the most famous family in the world, from artists Storial Media and RICKDICK, are epic. And we’re obsessed.

Queen Elizabeth II

Now you may not be overly surprised to learn that there actually was an official Queen Elizabeth II Barbie once upon a time. Back in 2022 while the late monarch was celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, Mattel created a special “Tribute Collection” Barbie.

It was a good doll, and the ruler’s tiny jewels and dress were perfect down to the smallest detail, but it was seemingly Elizabeth as a young woman, rather than an old one: she had none of the wrinkles that showed her years of experience. This AI-generated Barbie does, though!

Perfect in pink

Now this AI-generated Queen Barbie is wearing pink, as you’d expect, but the real Elizabeth wore pink too! She wore it at the Chelsea Flower Show a few months before she died, for example.

Elizabeth almost always wore bright colors when she made public appearances. This was so people would be able to easily spot her in a crowd! After all, thousands of people would turn up to see her, and the late monarch wanted them to all go home happy.

The little black dress

This AI picture shows the Elizabeth Barbie in a black dress, but in reality you wouldn’t have seen the late Queen in black much unless it was a funeral, a memorial service, or another solemn event. Until her husband Prince Philip died, that is.

After Philip’s death in 2021 royal protocol dictated that his wife and the whole family wore black for at least 30 days. This tradition dates back to the time of Queen Victoria, who famously wore pretty much only black clothing for the rest of her life after her husband Prince Albert died.

Queenly accessories

Elizabeth appears to have two handbags in this AI-generated picture, and she did indeed love the accessory. She got all of hers from the Launer company, and her favorite style was reportedly the “Traviata.”

And she also loved white gloves, like the ones you see here. She bought these from prestigious glove company Cornelia James, and they served a dual purpose: not only did they look nice, they protected her from germs. Not that a Barbie would have to worry about that!