Charles Could Make A Big Change To The Royal Legacy After Taking The Throne

Experts long expected that when Charles took over from his mother, a lot of things would change. It'd be Charles' face on British money, of course, and he might also call himself by a different name; we now know that to be King Charles III. But that's not all. With the shift in power, Charles has the opportunity to make one big decision regarding a longstanding royal enigma. And if he does, he could bring a centuries-old mystery to rest — and reveal a secret truth behind the British throne.

Butting heads

Charles is not one to blindly follow tradition, after all. And while his mother, the Queen, was known for keeping her opinions to herself, her eldest son hasn't been shy about revealing his. It may all lead to him letting the truth slip.

Man of the people

Charles' beliefs can be controversial, too. Apparently, he believes that the monarchy should be pared back and that royal expenses should be paid for privately — not out of public coffers. He's also lobbied against genetically modified foods and called for climate change action. There's reason to believe Charles may act on other tough topics.

Opening things up

And if that isn't enough, Charles is also supposedly in favor of turning Buckingham Palace into an accessible space for the public. Given all these proposed shake-ups, it wouldn't be surprising if he chose to investigate a long-unsolved cold case.

Suspicious urn

And we're talking cold — centuries-old cold. In the bowels of Westminster Abbey — the royal church that's stood in London since the 1200s — there's an urn that contains human bones. It's long been suspected that those remains belong to two murdered princes.