The Royals Ranked By Their Place In Line To The Throne

Charles being crowned King of the United Kingdom means a lot of change for the royal family, not least of all when it comes to the line of succession. This centuries-old concept, which dictates where each royal family member is line for the throne, is much more complicated than you may think. It’s lasted a very, very long time and has barely changed over the centuries — but now things are looking a little different. Here are the royals ranked by how likely they are to wear the famous crown.

1. King Charles III

Place on family tree: New King of England

Charles was born in 1948, so you better believe he was waiting a while to get on the throne. His popularity has gone up and down over the years — thanks in part to his relationship with Camilla — and there was even thinking that his son, Prince William, might have named king instead.

2. Prince William

Place on family tree: Next in line

It's official: Prince William is now next in line to be King of England. He’s practically been in training for it all his life — although his mother, Princess Diana, also made sure he had a somewhat normal childhood. Today, Will is one of the most popular members of the royal family along with his wife Kate, who would become Queen Consort if the prince ascends the throne.

3. Prince George

Place on family tree: Prince William’s first child

Apparently, William and Kate opted not to tell their oldest child that he would be king until he was old enough to understand the enormity of the situation. However, once he turned seven, insiders have claimed, the beans were spilled. As for what kind of ruler Prince George will be? Well, we’ll just have to wait and find out — if we live long enough, that is…

4. Princess Charlotte

Place on family tree: Prince William’s second child

Before Princess Charlotte was born, the rules of the line of succession were changed for the first time in centuries. More specifically, the archaic law ranking males above females was scrapped. So Charlotte made history before she was even ten, becoming the first ever royal big sister to not be pushed down the line by a little brother.