These Are The Rules Charles Must Now Follow As King

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II — the second-longest-reigning monarch in history — died. After 70 years of her reign, she was succeeded by her son Charles. Now King Charles III, the new monarch has a whole set of rules to follow, whether official or informal. And if you think that being king is an easy gig, then just try and memorize this long list of royal rules that he has to obey.

1. Observe a strict dress code

Needless to say, the king has to look sharp, no matter what. Charles will always need to be dressed for the occasion, be it a royal funeral, a formal diplomatic visit, or anything else. And, of course, it’s all very strict and formal. One of the most interesting rules here is that royals should never remove their coats if they wear one. For instance, if Charles enters any building with a coat on, he is then forbidden to remove it.

2. Never give autographs

Although famous, a royal should never be your average celebrity, no matter how hard the media might try to present them in such a light. This is especially true for the King. And since Charles isn’t your average rockstar or influencer, it’s absolutely out of the question for him to sign autographs. The Reason? Well, the King’s signature would be a dream come true for anyone making forgeries. 

3. Don’t allow selfies

Mind you, autographs aren’t that popular any more. In a way, they’re things of the past. Today, selfies are the modern equivalent. And here’s the deal — there aren’t any official rules and protocols regarding them. Yet no one really takes selfies with the King. Additionally, another rule which says that you should never turn your back on a royal could technically prevent you from taking a selfie. 

4. Act as a national figurehead

Sure, it’s been a while since a king or a queen has had any significant impact on the day-to-day running of the country and all of its associated realms. Since the 18th century, they’ve not had much say in the whole thing. Yet this doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say or do. One of Charles’ new roles is to inspire a national identity and sense of patriotism. This helps to keep the country safe and stable in the long run and may impact some big decisions.